Thursday, June 28, 2007

panty shopping

Gosh, I'm so fucking tired with working. But anyway, its my payday today so ok lang. grocery shopping na ako kanina.

I actually tried to avoid the lingerie shops..but sadly I couldn't!!.. shet talaga. I love panties, I love the ones who has laces on them, with different colors except white. I don't know about other people, but I hate white panties, and also grandma panties..eww.. kahit ako, if i ever pretend to be a lesbian, it would ruin the sexual moment, when the girl i'm seeing is wearing huge panties,bigger than my head. parang tatayu nalang ako at sabhin ko sa babae, "tara yosi na lang tayu".

and so there, I bought nanaman some t-backs, sometimes nga lang malamig sa ass chicks pag naka-skirt, pero hell with it, i feel sexy. And while panty shopping, I saw a good friend of mine, Laila, who laughingly quips at me "anu ba yan, aanhin mu ba yang mga panty mu".. i shot back "alangan namang kainin ko di ba..sympre susuotin ko, at pake mu panty ko to hehe."

Suprisingly, I bought really nice boy-leg panties and some string ones.. really love the colors. ewan ko ba, it just feels sexy and its nice to feel womanly inside yourself. Parang if you're out there, kahit pawis-pawisan ka na or amoy usok ka na and all... u know, u are still sexy kase u are wearing a sensual lingerie, that would certainly shoot any man's blood up to his "two heads" .

pero sympre, ikaw lang nakakaalam nun. and That's what I love about it.

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