Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love Wendy Valdez

shubba and I watched PBB for the past few weekends. weekends lang kame nanunuod kase yun yung nomination night and that's the only time we are both in the apartment, and we find it interesting to see them all in tears. haha. mean talaga kame.

And for the past few weeks, I keep recieving this absurd emails forwarded about the certain housemate, wendy.. namedly a cousin of an ex of hers, probably found it "amusing" to dish all the dirt and write some trash about her. As if naman, i would believe the one who wrote it, eh sinu ba sya? di ko naman sya kilala noh?
Which actually I found it so hilarious. It makes me curious, who the hell wendy is.

Well, I talked to my gay friend, Shubba as he is the perpetually avid fan of showbiz, and he says he likes wendy kase, for the past months he has been watching PBB, only wendy shows the real mood and really becomes true to her emotions, ng walang pakelam sa mga kasama nya. As Shubba quotes "jusko, imagine tinatarayan ka na ng tao, wala ka pa ren imik, puro ka pa ren i love you..anu yun? tanga ka na nun?" korek. and so we agreed. we love wendy, no matter what the emails say or even the friendster bulletins say.

OO nga naman, if you're bitching it all out, might as well be real and shout your temper. Kahit ako e, pucha wala na ngang tv nor sounds, at puro pa kunong mabait na tao kasama mu, hell with them. Eh ako pa naman taklesa, muka naman akong tanga kung di ako magsasalita ever. Yung gee-an ba yun? ewan... ewan ko ba. mukang delikado ang psychological capacity mu neng, parang you would be the last person i would be with, jusko sucidal ka ata e. tama si mickey, why do u care a lot? my god, neng, in this world.. anyone should be tough, if u can't be tough..might as well, go inside your house, lock your door and cry for the rest of your life.

Otherwise, we love wendy kase.. we relate to her, you were treated a bitch all your life then might as well, survive. Be real and survive. That's the truth and that is the real drama. The strong personality she exudes is a real gem.

Go wendy.


Anonymous said...

agreee ako sayo!!

Anonymous said...

whoever is blogging this stuff.. is totally bitter. how can u say wendy is all that better, she acts so slutty and even talks ill-mannered. your post sucks, by the way.

a bitch on a sunny day said...

hmm, anu naman pakelam mu? if this sucks, then u suck more, kase nag-comment ka, and whatever stupid things u say, we love wendy and it stays that way. (teka blog ko to noh.. hehehe)

::niNg:: said...

hi po!

agree ak sa sinabi ninyo!

i'm glad na pasok si wendy sa BIG 4. ;D

a bitch on a sunny day said...

hey ning, nice blog and nice pics huh. yup, go wendy tayu!

Anonymous said...

o ayan big 4 na sya, are u happy? wendy is one bastos person, who acts like a sqauatter. i dont know why bruce likes her a lot. the fact that she speaks like an uneducated person.

jackie said...

very nice blog ning.. i love wendy valdez as well..super! ;)

jackie said...

whatever stupid things u say, we love wendy and it stays that way. (teka blog ko to noh.. hehehe) -- taray! go girl!