Thursday, June 28, 2007

lunch with witches

Hay nako, yesterday my uber-stressed aunts, are trying to insist that i'm old and i need to get a bf . heller? para anu naman, jusko di nga magkasya pera ko for me, tapos i'll get pa into a relationship where in the guy, also has his dreams and ambitions, blah blah.. I don't need that crap now. to hell with it. If I'm gonna be with someone, i'll really be with someone, no chances. basta kame na. But I don't feel like it e, I am 30 so what. So what. I mean I have my own car, and I am sharing an apartment with a gay friend, and so what if we do get drunk mostly on saturday nights. masaya naman kame. My gay room mate, is actually a drag queen by night and a programmer by day..hehe astig. two faced life. But he's been a childhood friend eversince, so in midst of catfights, dogfights and whatever it is we fight about, we keep each 0ther insane. And yes, he's with his lover.. and I'm single. But life never gets boring, parating may nangyayari kalokohan. Katulad nyan, I saw my rich aunts for lunch yesterday, and all they blab about, is why I don't get a house on my own or probably live decently naman with someone straight.

Taena, keber. I don't care at all. Eh sila, nga they're rich and they have families, but most of my cousins get pregnant before their debut time and they don't care because they have money naman to support it, but not all people have principles like that, and I'm not one of them.

I may be just an ordinary girl, but I got dreams. And I have the right to dream alone.

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