Friday, July 20, 2012

oh what the hell

gosh, it has been 3 years since ive updated this blog of mine..super tagal na ever..since then super jetski na ang life ko.. ahem sorry, jetlag? whatever.. lost the word. ive travelled a lot, when? where? well it all started 3 yrs ago, while i was with shubba, (yes remember shubba, my gay roomate?) in a gaybar, and like kakatitig namin sa mga lalaking halos mata nalang ang walang cover..ive had an epiphany, well sort of..d ko masyado makita ng maayos yung vision, nakakadistract kse si shubba at ang lalaking hinihipuan nya..ive thought a lot about travelling and i guess its time to put my savings out and see the big big first, sympre we went out of the gaybar and sa starbucks..i told shubba my vision.. shubba: o anu nanaman mukang wala ka dito..whats up girl?  me: shubs, i got it.. i need to travel, this country is getting small for me and u shubba: ah talaga, bakit nalibot mu na ba ang pinas? alam mu na ang diff ng tagaytay at cagayan? me: hindi.. at oo hanggang ngayun naniniwala pa ren ako na ang tagaytay at cagayan ay iisa.,hehe. anu bah, listen to me..this is it shubba: if you wanna go, then go girl.. boom at ayun the next day, im on the next flight to NY.

and the life in NY starts..

i do have some friends in the big apple, like tracy (my uber nerd cousin who works in microsoft),  Bert (my higshchool friend who works in the hollywood as a star alalay), Mitch ( my auntie who now has a green card, thanks to her 5 yr plan husband) and Mike (my ex-neighbor, who a recovering addict and now has a car shop in brooklyn, and still an addict.)  well, the first few weeks was like super hell, have to find an apartment...a roomate and a fucking job that will pay for all my kaprichuhan. Thanks, to my aunt Mitch, who lent me some cash to start with and now wants it all back. stupid. i missed shubba so much, and had to find a decent roomate, i did find one though, a very cute one.. his name is kocher, yup oo parang sounds like sapatos or whatever..belt cguro. nakakaloka.  he's a part time student slash part time DJ, bongga. apparently he just got kicked out of his GF's apartment, because she found someone new, buti naman di ba, at least napunta sa akin hehe, ika nga another ones trash is another one  treasure, and plus bonus very cute. Sabi nga ni shubba, leche daw ako, for a change naman straight naman ang roomate ko. just want to be clear, we're just plain roomates. and hes not into girls like me, the loka-loka type.  I got a decent job naman as a sales lady in Gap, sosyal di ba..hirap lang maghanap ng sizes papalit palit kase yung mga puti. that was start of my NY life.. and the party starts..wait, my coffee maker broke, shit..wait.

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